Great Bria

Locker Room Bria
Locker Room Bria
Beach Babe Bria in Green
In Green on the Beach
Playful in the Bedroom
Playful in the Bedroom Bria

Bria Myles, you might not know who she is, but if you really pay attention to the cream of the crop of black models, then you do. She takes pics, she looks good and to my knowledge, she’s not trying to rap of give her opinions in blogs, (thank god). Aight, long story short, this chick is bad and she takes great pictures. Not only does she have one of the best asses out there, she’s got a nice rack too, you might not be able to tell because her lower body is so dominant, but this chick is the total package (though she could use some more lips). Bring whatever other chick you got… unless its The Champ and a handful of others, they not fucking with this!

a true comparison WASH YO ASSSSSSSSSSSSS!

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