Cocaine Lorraine (exposed)

So Cocaine Lorraine is the newest victim (maybe) to get put on blast with a sex tape/nudes leaked. She’s one of those models that a lot of people can’t figure out why she’s attractive. For me, its the freckles and I honestly think she’s a cute gal….so here’s some pix and vid link to the sex tape

tumblr_nk183w73ej1qjreebo1_540 tumblr_nk183w73ej1qjreebo2_540

tumblr_nj2atbhKH01u5tzgro4_1280 tumblr_nj41imeocB1toukfvo4_1280 tumblr_njde3mG1rw1qlzjv0o4_500 tumblr_njaar5suKh1qh8ojpo3_1280

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