Angelina Ivy

Angelina Ivy

I remember this lil # when the Black Tape Project was in its prime….rediscovered her last night while digging through some archives…anyway, enjoy this Swedish-Chilean treat!!!tumblr_nbx5cyGhgO1qm8g2qo1_250 tumblr_n2wofpGiN91qixedeo3_250

There’s something magical when a chick bounces her ass up and down like this…. tumblr_n0szncv9C71s3ot3jo1_500

tumblr_mc2111VxdE1qavhvwo4_400 tumblr_mc2111VxdE1qavhvwo7_400 tumblr_mc2111VxdE1qavhvwo8_400

again, the slingshot bikini….cause why not?!?!
tumblr_n2wofpGiN91qixedeo1_250 tumblr_n2wofpGiN91qixedeo2_250

Mayoli Sena More Leanne Crow


That black tape series produced some very good images. Never seen these but glad I have now.

I have to admit I overlooked this one at first, but I’m so glad I came back to it. Her pump action looks mean 😀

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