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You remember Kitten, right? No?

probably my fave pic of Ms. Marci

Back in the early 90s, there was a plethora of Black porn stars, Kitten was the 1st I was attracted to. ¬†She was beautiful, she articulated when she spoke, but she could also be your ‘around-the-way-girl’, and when the camera was on her, she made sure she put down a performance that’d have you wear out your VCR (yes, VCR) rewind button!!

It didn’t help any that her and a girl I went to school with, whom I had a serious crush on, looked identical to each other. Which made focusing in chemistry class hard (literally and figuratively), but I remained calm, and no, ol girl and I never dated. Probably better that way!




0f bootystudio-kittenkitten-porn-star-tongue-10



She’s now a fitness model and trainer, and based on the photos below, she remains sexy (IMO)!!! And I believe she had a baby as recent as February of 2015! Like I said, still looking good, eating right, working out, go ‘head Ms. Marci Scott!!!

Even though the adult game isn’t her life anymore, every now and again, I still think of her like this….in the nude, sexy, readying for a scene, oiled up, did I mention sexy, posing for DVD covers, etc.tumblr_luxts6XjxB1r2vmh6o1_500

ohhhh…and the tongue!!!




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  1. To me she was always more of a chick from high school you didn’t really pay attention to but you knew she was kinda sexy type. Then you see her on video and you say, “well, that figures”

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