Happy 55th Birthday Bo Jackson!!

Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson (born November 30, 1962) aka, one of the baddest mo’fos in sports lore!!! Growing up in the 80s, we had a plethora of sports mega-stars. But in my opinion, no one was better than Bo.

If you had an Nintendo (and who didn’t?), and played Tecmo Super Bowl (again, who didn’t?), you were aware of the “No Bo” rule. Which stated, you could pretty much play using any team, except the Raiders because their backfield included the talents of Bo and Marcus Allen (Al Davis did him dirty). And Bo would pretty much truck EVERYBODY like he did Brian Bosworth!!!!




When Gatorade pulled out all the stops with the “Like Mike” song and ads, I’ll admit, it was catchy, and pretty damned awesome. But in my mind, I wanted to be like Bo!!!

Who else was breaking bats across their head, and running up outfield walls like Spider Man, and then busting out 80 yard TD runs like it was NOTHING!!!! Who?!?!?! BO!!!!!

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Thigh Thursday

a study on thighs….

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the luster on Cree…


wetnessday and Monifa Jensen are a perfect duo

The Heat


and moisture of Me’gan Denise.

Made for the Hardwood


from Black Pantha




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