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WE can’t have sh*t!! Black Panther edition

so there’s an artist that drew Black Panther (T’Challa) as a white dude, comically dubbed “T’Chad”. The artist, who won’t be named, asked, they changed Nick Fury and Heimdall from white men, to Black characters with no problem, what’s the big deal with this? and there are plenty of white people that live in Africa, so what??!!

The problem is, it was a big deal when Marvel changed those white characters. Marvel (and DC) fanboys lost their collective minds when it happened. Nevermind you were getting Samuel L. “Mother-Fxcking” Jackson as Nick Fury (I’m still waiting for the gag real or outtake of him in character dropping a MF), and Idris Elba as Heimdall (white fanboys Moms are still having hot flashes about him in character too…I see you Barbara!!), but you were also getting very accomplished actors in these roles.

also, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the problem with the imagining of T’Challa as “T’Chad”, is that Wakanda existed, and survived colonialism ie white people in Africa, because they hid in plain site. that artist admitted he hadn’t seen the movie, he obviously never picked up a BP comic book, or even did a google/wikipedia search on the origin of the character to know this. but the whole country of Wakanda exists as a “what if” for colonization.

I mean, yeah, have your “artists interpretation”, but also, remember your interpretation (in this case) will be met with the very anger and confusion you’re currently staving off

sometimes, life is funny

an actual conversation, circa 199-something (or, 7th grade)

flagrant ass n*gga: yo, how you date ____, she a fat girl, yo!!! *laughs n’shit*

me: same way your Dad still fucks yo Momma…she a fat woman, right?!

flagrant ass n*gga: *swells up chest what’chu say bout my Moms’ nigga?

me: same thing you said bout my girl, she fat, why you mad?

present day

dude sent me a friend request on FB

that same flagrant ass n*gga is married to the chick I dated in 7th grade….they both fat and happy…with 3 kids!!!

what you lookin for?



a former coworker celebrated her youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday over the weekend. During the blitz of photos via Instagram I took a quick stroll through her photos to witness this little princess’ 2 years of life.

After a while, I couldn’t help but notice her oldest daughter’s absence from her IG photoblog. I mean, none of my business, right? But then, I saw a mutual friend of ours comment on the same thing, ‘where’s Daughter A?’ There was also no response. My nosiness got the best of me, I texted the mutual, and asked if they ever got an IM/text/etc about their question; “she told me to mind my business and I haven’t spoke to her since”

Well, the friend in question is a fair skinned Puerto Rican woman, he eldest daughter she had with a Black man, and her daughter is brown. Quite brown, think, Angela Bassett. Her youngest daughter she had with a fair skinned Dominican man, and she is light (see Jennifer Lopez).

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Wetnessday: Alex Isabella

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images shot by Roseography

Eva Lovia in all white



2sday: Sarah & Leanne

SarahnLeanne (2)

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some of my favorite homegrown,belongs to this face

Friday Fail

Aston Martin DB5 crash photographed by Jon Baxter / MEN Media

Oh the humanity!

There are some cars in the world that we just cannot stand to see get hurt as if they are living, breathing beings of automotive beauty. The Aston Martin DB5 is one such vehicle. Its classic Aston Martin design and notoriety as a James Bond car have made it a very sought-after and highly-valued automobile.

Aston Martin DB5 crash photographed by Jon Baxter / MEN Media

That’s why this crash that occurred near the Manchester airport in the U.K. was so horrifyingly awful to see.

A father and his four-year-old son were out driving the Aston Martin DB5 when an accident occurred with a Vauxhall Astra. The Aston Martin was heavily damaged and resulted in both passengers being treated for injuries at the hospital.

Aston Martin DB5 crash photographed by Jon Baxter / MEN Media

The iconic Aston Martin DB5 was valued at approximately £1 million, making this quite a costly accident that insurance companies will just love handling.

Aston Martin DB5 crash photographed by Jon Baxter / MEN Media

Thankfully there were no serious injuries that resulted from the crash, however the loss of an Aston Martin DB5 stings quite badly for us automotive enthusiasts.

Aston Martin DB5 crash photographed by Jon Baxter / MEN Media