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Amara La Negra – What A Bam Bam

MICK – “Greetings Earthlings”

some rare Outkast mixes and outtakes….brought to you by, MICK (formerly DJ Mickboogie)

How Many?

this is a question that needed to be answered. For a while there people had forgotten that MC was about supremacy on the mic and establishing that you to be a CHAMPIION you had to be lyrical, clever, original and ready to battle. This song was a warning shot to any and all challengers. From a group that was just coming out to let all rappers know that they was not fookin around and was going to take it all.
Classic Jam of classic jams on a classic album that I still rock today. With all the soft nursury rhyming half homosexual rappers out there with their $99 cent a dozen beats, this reminds me of a time when rap music was truly great, as this was also a reminder of rap music that was truly great.

#tbt Black Moon – I Got Cha Opin

From their debut album Enta da Stage, Black Moon’s “I Got Cha Opin” (released October 19, 1993) was one of my early forrays into
“hardcore” hip hop. Gritty and sparse beats, rhymes with harder themes from the De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, etc. The intro horns sampled from Barry White’s “Playing Your Game” literally got me open. This album always seems to get overlooked with 90s hip hop. So, here it is, enjoy!!!