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WE can’t have sh*t!! Black Panther edition

so there’s an artist that drew Black Panther (T’Challa) as a white dude, comically dubbed “T’Chad”. The artist, who won’t be named, asked, they changed Nick Fury and Heimdall from white men, to Black characters with no problem, what’s the big deal with this? and there are plenty of white people that live in Africa, so what??!!

The problem is, it was a big deal when Marvel changed those white characters. Marvel (and DC) fanboys lost their collective minds when it happened. Nevermind you were getting Samuel L. “Mother-Fxcking” Jackson as Nick Fury (I’m still waiting for the gag real or outtake of him in character dropping a MF), and Idris Elba as Heimdall (white fanboys Moms are still having hot flashes about him in character too…I see you Barbara!!), but you were also getting very accomplished actors in these roles.

also, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the problem with the imagining of T’Challa as “T’Chad”, is that Wakanda existed, and survived colonialism ie white people in Africa, because they hid in plain site. that artist admitted he hadn’t seen the movie, he obviously never picked up a BP comic book, or even did a google/wikipedia search on the origin of the character to know this. but the whole country of Wakanda exists as a “what if” for colonization.

I mean, yeah, have your “artists interpretation”, but also, remember your interpretation (in this case) will be met with the very anger and confusion you’re currently staving off

RIP Prodigy

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