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Happy 55th Birthday Bo Jackson!!

Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson (born November 30, 1962) aka, one of the baddest mo’fos in sports lore!!! Growing up in the 80s, we had a plethora of sports mega-stars. But in my opinion, no one was better than Bo.

If you had an Nintendo (and who didn’t?), and played Tecmo Super Bowl (again, who didn’t?), you were aware of the “No Bo” rule. Which stated, you could pretty much play using any team, except the Raiders because their backfield included the talents of Bo and Marcus Allen (Al Davis did him dirty). And Bo would pretty much truck EVERYBODY like he did Brian Bosworth!!!!




When Gatorade pulled out all the stops with the “Like Mike” song and ads, I’ll admit, it was catchy, and pretty damned awesome. But in my mind, I wanted to be like Bo!!!

Who else was breaking bats across their head, and running up outfield walls like Spider Man, and then busting out 80 yard TD runs like it was NOTHING!!!! Who?!?!?! BO!!!!!

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the football club in Washington

so, exactly who are they going to try and get as a long term answer to their QB woes. We saw the RG3 experience rise and quickly fall into the flames of oblivion (I could write a dissertation of that fuckery). Management in DC’s Football Club seems to show their ineptitude in doing the right things.

Remember when they brought in Bruce Smith, and Deion Sanders WELL??PAST??THEIR??PRIMES? Who could forget the Albert Haynesworth debacle?

The running joke for years in regard to how the Cleveland Browns are ‘going to Browns’. These days the same can be said for Washington.

“the Finals were trash”

That’s the word or phrase that’s been going around this year. Actually, it started last summer when Kevin Durant took his talents to Golden State. But I read an article (cause sometimes, I do that) where they basically said the Playoffs this year were garbage because there was no parity. Golden State basically steamrolled their competition. Even though, I’d like to believe San Antonio would have given them more of a fight without key injuries, but, injuries in sports happens. So, were the NBA Playoffs garbage? Depends on who you ask. The Golden State fan will say “no”. The casual fan will say “no”. But, the NBA purists, will say “you g’damned right they were garbage!!”

I feel like sometime during Chicago Bulls’ second Three-pete, the ‘Association started polling fans. Not die hard fans. Rich (white) people who would probably go to a game if it wasn’t so filled with cursing, and the threat of fighting. Remember the Malice at the Palace? Remember the Knicks-Heat rivalry? The Knicks-Pacers rivalry (post Jordan)? The Knicks-Bulls rivalry? Those were games. A test of will, clash of titans and such. Those games live on only in memories of now 30-somethings and NBA archival footage, that they probably won’t show much.

knuckle up, or shut-up and go sit down!!!!

But alas, these Finals were boring. Here you have 2 of the best all around players in Lebron and KD, and there are images of them looking like a scrum is going to break out. But it’s actually frustrated speak. I miss my NBA when dudes would occasionally knuckle up!

These dudes look too happy to be rivals. Like they’re discussing where they’re going to meet up after the Finals for family vacation. The game has no grit. There aren’t any Charles Oakley’s, or Charles Barkleys. No REAL team enforcers. I mean, you could consider Draymond Green of Golden State, but truth be told, he seems real douchey to me. But, maybe he’s supposed to be. Right??

they look too happy to be “rivals”

But this is the watered down (read “Global”) product David Stern wanted…..



Seattle signs….Austin Davis??

According to sources, yes, the random backup QB who couldn’t cut it with the Browns, is good enough to be Russell Wilson’s backup? HUH?? After making a huge deal about Colin Kaepernick visiting Seattle, this is the move they go with?

did you know this is Austin Davis??








It just seems silly to me. Unless Kaep is still looking for starting QB money, then yes. But offensive-scheme wise, Kaep is the better choice for the Seahawks’ bootleg, QB option playbook. I’m not going to make this about teams staying away from Kaep b/c of his protest last season, because that’s too easy.

ladies and gents, the men who influenced Jason Whitlock…




Perceptions of David Ortiz

David Ortiz
do you think that people think that David Ortiz isn’t Black because he speaks Spanish?

Rest in Peace, John Saunders


John Saunders, one of the familiar on-air faces of ESPN for nearly 30 years, has died. He was 61.

Saunders hosted studio and play-by-play programming. He covered college football, basketball and the NHL for the network, in addition to anchoring SportsCenter. He was also host of The Sports Reporters.

Born in Canada, Saunders was an all-star defenseman in the junior hockey leagues of Montreal. He played at Western Michigan and Ryerson Polytechnical in Toronto before becoming one of the most prominent broadcasters of his time.

Saunders was a founding member of The V Foundation for Cancer Research and served on its board of directors.

“John was an extraordinary talent and his friendly, informative style has been a warm welcome to sports fans for decades,” said John Skipper, president of ESPN and co-chairman of Disney Media Networks, in a statement. “His wide range of accomplishments across numerous sports and championship events is among the most impressive this industry has ever seen. More importantly, John was a beloved and devoted family man who cared deeply about people and causes, as evidenced by his long-standing efforts as a passionate board member for The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

“He was one of the most significant and influential members of the ESPN family, as a colleague and mentor, and he will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his loved ones at this extremely difficult time.”

Chris Berman, left, John Saunders and Bob Ley, right, during the SportsCenter 30th anniversary special in 2009. John Atashian/ESPN Images
Saunders joined ESPN in December 1986 to anchor SportsCenter. But he became a voice on college basketball and the WNBA and hosted ESPN’s coverage of the Stanley Cup playoffs from 1993 to 2004. He also worked on coverage of the World Series and Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.

“John Saunders represented everything that was good in a human being. He was all about family and helping people,” said Dick Vitale, a longtime colleague of Saunders. “He was as good as it gets and he had deep loyalty and love for others. His work with The V Foundation was so special — he loved Jimmy V and poured his heart and soul into the cause.

“He was always willing to share and give, and he played a vital role in the success of helping so many. I can’t believe this stunning and horrible news. He will be forever in our thoughts.” – via

John Saunders, 1955-2016

John Saunders was like the Uncle you’d who would come over and watch College Football with you, and give you insightful history, stats and random pieces of information regarding a game, team, or player. I remember getting ready for church on Sunday mornings, and getting there late because I wanted to see his piece on The Sports Reporters. The man was talented, he covered all sports, anchored SportsCenter, and did serious news pieces (The Sports Reporters, interviews).

61?? Way too young. This one, like Stuart Scott, hits hard. He was one of the sports and news reporters I would watch. On air at least, he seemed like the perfect gentleman.

Rest well, John Saunders.

Unanimous MVP

19:04:48) Julius Perving: Unanimous MVP? the NBA is pure shit, Fam like purity shit,  plus all the people involved in it they let the players do too much, they have no integrity and they play basketball like entertainment instead of basketball that is entertaining.
plus they’re the first to sell their pussies to advertisers

There should never be a unanimous MVP, in any sport, not even when Jordan’s bitch ass was running wild was there a unanimous mvp. This shit either means that everyone is scared to say something against it because internet assholes never shut the fuck up, or they just don’t care anymore. I think they don’t care anymore. They were just like fuck it, Commissioner just tell us who you want to be MVP and we’ll voter for him, it doesn’t matter anyway. Most of these 20 year old college drop outs can play basketball anyway.

I don’t even care, but I don’t seem to be able to get away from the hype. I mean god damn, you have to get off the internet to be able to avoid it these days.

And as for curry, I dig it. white people like him because he’s a little light skinned dude who runs around and shoots with unreal precision (except for those airballs he threw up last night). He’s not some hulking black hyper athlete like lebron. he reminds them of pistol pete, john stockton, steve nash and all the other little dudes that made them feel good about themselves, that the little man still has a place on the court and could rule. Takes them back to the good old days. Plus he likes to talk shit, the way that they wish they could on the court and since officials have been neutered, no one gets techs and they act like complete assholes throughout the game.

That’s all well and good but in a league where if you breathe too hard on another player it’s a foul, and everything is skewed towards offense, because offense sells tickets, it’s a bit misleading. Were teams able to play actual defense on him the way they used to do say, an iverson, I doubt very highly that this would be the outcome. One to where everyone just mindlessly votes for the one dude that has become most visible on the team most hyped. Yeah, they won a record amount of games and all that shit, but so what? Being the best at a time when the amount of competition is the mediocre, the game is the soft and the rules are skewed in your favor isn’t anything to be proud of.

Like I say fam, the NBA is shit.

Duke Williams-Thirst Gone Wrong

Duke Williams of the Buffalo Bills spent about 4 months sending 1 sided no-response given DMs to adult star Mia Khalifa (pictured below).

something about a buxom woman in glasses

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