I have to stop talking to losers…

The main reason is because they are losers, but some other reasons would be because they make the chances of you losing greater because they can’t see themselves winning. And if you are a winner you cannot see yourself losing.
So with that, good bye Losers.
and hello winner:

A Winner
A Winner

Stories of Bad Sex

You take a perfectly good female, and a perfectly good male, put them together and they don’t fuck.
This was a story that was told to me not too long ago:
“This chick I met over the internet finally came through, and we had like mad chemistry over the phone and net, but when baby showed up, she was certainly not what I was expecting. She big tits, but thin lips, a big belly, fat arms, and worst of all NO ASS. It looked like a caved in pancake. And the bitch had the nerve to have some swagger! So anyway, even though this chick was not attractive at all, I figured i’d hit it anyway, because hell, pussy is pussy. But when I got ol’ chickin the bed, I couldn’t even get my shit up! She sucked me off, but it was wack, I even tried to jerk my shit, and it got semi hard, but then I stuck it in, and the shit went soft again! I mean like I was coming out of a cold pool. You know its some shit when your dick won’t even work with some free ass. Normally, a nigga would be embarrassed by that shit, feelin bad and shit? But HELL nah, I don’t feel bad at all, I just feel sick thinking about it…” Then he held his stomach and covered his mouth, like he was really about to be sick.
One time this chick licked a niggas ass and the next day he came up with a rash.
Have you ever known a pussy to smell so bad it was left in your car seats? I did, the bitch pussy was so stanky I had to use a bottle of febreeze and leave my windows down to get the smell out. Took about a week. Glad I hit it before she banged that diseased nigga. Leave it up to a nigga to ruin a perfectly good peice of ass.
Another one of my boys told me he tried to eat this chick out, but the taste was too bitter…
These things I’ve just written, are not sexy…


I just watched two Solja Boy videos.
I sure wish I could have that time back.

R.I.P George Carlin

For all you niggas out there that don’t know this nigga was funny. He may have been a gray boy, but he knew what the fuck time it was and you gotta respect that:

I would suggest that some of you goofy ass niggas out there check out some of his old shit, ignorant asses might learn something…
I’m pourin’ out some for you homie…

I know that this shit is unsane

Lela waited as long as she could for you to come home
Lela waited as long as she could for you to come home

young mothers calling their infant daughters bitches? what about infants that don’t know their own name but respond when you call them “nigga”?
Yo, Nigga J earned his title. See to talk to niggas, you have to speak in the language they understand, the bitches that control they asses know this, which is why they get fed bullshit, more bullshit and even more bullshit. they eat that shit up and then go spit it back out to everybody they know. like a blank slate of niggerishness waiting to be filled with the most negative and hateful thoughts possible. Which got boys and girls wanting to grow up to be broke pimps and broke hoes. niggas be like 40 figuring out they shoulda took they ass to class, to college and kept they legs closed. wasting the first conscious 30 years of their lives on straight garbage. they look back and wonder what the fuck happened and spend the rest of their lives in anguish, but went so hard at what they were doing the things they’ve set in motion would take another 20 years to even budge. they look around and see what they’ve done and feel shame and horror. I don’t know if they deserve it, but its the bed they lay in. And I know that shit hurt, I know it hurt!
and now for something different:

I’m back Bitch!

and starting from scratch, but these hoes can’t keep me down!

What does this picture say to you?

Go Hard

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