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kristen_live-ao-02 has come to sit with you for a minute to see if you might want a dance or perhaps a drink?
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#wetnessday picture story

like the 60s

With the demure and modest pose
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She thought about you…

This is that gray girl that you met at the starbucks when you got lost that one time. She saw you and struck up a conversation and she was surprisingly cool and she look aight (for a gray girl). She kept hitting you up and you kept responding, and you kinda dig her. Then one Saturday night she gets high and starts thinking about you… this picture is the result…
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This is the first pic she sends…

Then you get the rest…

then to make sure you really understand…


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Your thick girl is waiting for you

pull up to the counter
with a little wine…
the menu
man sized portions
appetizer, meal and dessert

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Kendra Kouture is my odd attraction

I love this girl, but she looks deranged. Like diana used to.

pretty crazy kendra
Pretty. Crazy.

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so we were talking about Virgo the other day

Virgo Peridot

and her demise. She’s got a large ass for a gray girl, right? people like it and she’s in the business of moving it around, which is all to the good and we like it (when we happen across it), but then we found out that she’s about become null and void, by moving into porn. Well it turns out we’re late to the party, but she’s already been fucked quite a number of times on film. Meh, you gotta do what you gotta do, right, but isn’t it counterproductive if you’re looking for some longevity?

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isn’t this your girl?

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my Teutonic Temptress

It only took me 17 years or so, but I realized that Elke ain’t all that great.
I mean she went from this:

to this

what happened to her lips? I think I was the only one that didn’t realize that she was getting injections of something other than deek. That was probably more of just letting it slide than anything… However this examination is about the booty. Elke was always known for being a gray girl with a highly unusual ass, and ass that could compete with non gray ass, but as I now realize this was all a dream. She got ass, that’s no doubt, but she probably has never had ass that was worthy of all the acclaim. Matter of fact, if she wasn’t as big as she is, the booty might be pretty mediocre… Incognegro summed it up better than I could have

#1 the photoshop gods have embellished the roundness of dat ass for years
#2 are had a kid a few years back and being she lacks the snap back of the Montana sorts, plus bout hiring the gym is doing her no favors
#3 n finally, she’s had work f done to her ass a la Amber Rose, Deelishis etc… factor in the latter part of point #2 plus age, and well. .. that ass looks like it do

But it ain’t all bad, because if you just accept the booty as just regular run of the mill gray girl booty, then you have actually lucked up. You still have a highly physically attractive woman with nice hips, tittays, and some very nice legs. But seeing as her booty is just somewhat lumpy, she should’t be presenting it like it’s just so fantastic.

Elke of the present

The Flag of a wonderful Country

I don’t know who this flag represents, but they should be proud.

ASS on the real

I’m just saying, there is ass everywhere in this damned photograph, and I love it!