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classic V6

V6 & hoodies

Vickie6 looking ultra fine in the hoodie….perhaps another round of Tumblr’s HoodiesnPanties challenge???

V6 selfie

the sideboob is so tough….

pleasant views

with Vickie6

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-9-00-04-pm Continue reading pleasant views

Vickie 6

Vickie 6

via Favorite Flavor?

V6 Powered

tumblr_o930lp6Gmr1uaq5d9o2_400 tumblr_o930lp6Gmr1uaq5d9o1_400

bathe with Vickie6


shiny & plush

twosday: THE kittyVickie6

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Get your @Vickiesix3

and now the focus is her “boobs”… however I still believe her ass will always be the co star of the show along with her face.

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from Official Vickie6/KittyVickie6

Twosday: V6 Powered